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I am currently a PhD Scholar at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), IISc Campus, Bengaluru. My research at NIAS is in the fields of Bharatanāṭyam and Indian Aesthetics.  It aims to establish a 'śāstric' framework for Indian Classical Dance, seeking to define the aesthetic principles that underpin the genre of art known as nṛtya or classical dance. 

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Deepti Navaratna

Areas of Interest: Nāṭyaśāstra, Rasa, Dance, Bharatanāṭyam, Indian Aesthetics, Performance Studies

Working Papers

Hoskere, Divya & Navaratna, Deepti (2024), An Indian-Aesthetics Approach to Non-Representational Dance – Interpreting Nṛtta in the Frameworks of Rasa, Aucitya and Dhvani, PhilArchive [Preprint].

Hoskere, Divya & Navaratna, Deepti (2024), Beauty to Bliss: Philosophical and Spiritual Perspectives on Nṛtta

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