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My work in


Design has been a skill that I learnt during my course B.Design that helps me enhance and grow in the fields of the classical arts. You can find below some of my work comprising of student projects as well as some work done as the designer of Dhaatu Puppet Theater. The domains of work lie in Graphic Design & branding, Motion Graphics & VFx, Animation, Film Making & Set Design

Magazine Design


Magazine Design - Kalaa Art of the Indian Spirit

Motion Graphics

DIPF 2019 Promo


3D Animation

Octofry - animation short

Here's Octofry - an animation short created by two 3rd year Visual Communication Design students from Bangalore who just love to color the world with animation!

3D Animation

11 Second Animation

11 Second Animation
for the 11 second club - a competition where you are given a dialogue bit which you can interpret and animate in your own way.

Graphic Design

Dhaatu Branding & Website

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