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Indian philosophy speaks of different paths to happiness -  of bhakti, jnana and karma. To an artiste, the simplest known path is that of art or Kalā, making Kalāmārga a simple path to joy. It is with this philosophy that Kalāmārga - a classical dance institute was founded in the vibrant city of Bengaluru by Bharatanatyam Artiste, Divya Hoskere.

Dance Classes Kalamarga Nrityotsava

Founder's Note

ūrdhva ūrdhvam āruhya yadartha tattvam|

dhīh pas̍yati s̍rantimavedayantī ||

phalam tadāyaih parikalpitam |

vivekasopāna paramparāṇām ||

says Abhinavagupta while giving his explanation of his theory of Rasa. Here he says that his contribution is but a brick in the might tower of knowledge – whose foundation and path has been laid by those who came before him and whose growth shall remain infinite with the contributions of those who come after him.


Such is the nature of our parampara or continuous tradition of knowledge. It is with the same understanding that I began dance classes at Kalāmārga having imbibed the tradition of Bharatanatyam from my guru, Sri P. Praveen Kumar. The classes aim at going beyond just a learning of dance to also allow for the students to absorb a tradition and culture from which dance is able to attain an inner glow of beauty. I invite you to join this beautiful journey of Bharatiya Kala through Bharatanatyam.   

-Divya Hoskere

Founder - Director, Kalamarga

Dance Classes

Beginners Batch (offline only)

Days: Mondays & Thursdays 

Time: 5pm-6pm

Location: Kalamarga @ Dhaatu Puppet Theatre, BSK II Stage, Bengaluru

For details contact: +91 7406997995 or

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